Great businesses come from great stories. Research and consulting from Free Delivery will help you create meaningful work that thrives.

Free Delivery business story and identity services are for:

New projects and enterprises in need of the perfect name, angle and copy to seed massive success.

Businesses that have reached a growth edge, and need to assess whether their current story and brand identity is sound enough to take them to the next level.

Businesses in need of internal review and qualitative research to find out the real story behind their challenges in achieving their desired personnel culture or growth – and how to transform those challenges into creative opportunities.

Teams inventing the next great communications and marketing campaign for their products and services, who are ready for the creative fuel of our story resonnance experts.

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    We scope it out

    Together we draw up a scope of work and a timeline, and then we get our geniuses on the case.

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    We bring the story joy

    Whatever the story or identity project is at this time in your company’s life, the Free Delivery knows how to bring the kind of joy that makes impossible tasks possible. Together we get to watch what happens when alignment, coherence and resonance problems are fixed, and the right new story is born.

The creative genius of Free Delivery has been indispensable to me in launching and now growing Diversa. From naming services, to helping me craft the right copy to describe our mission and vision, to helping me strategize and produce the highest quality events – Free Delivery is total pleasure to work with, and their work itself – pure magic.Zoe Piliafas, Diversa