We are some of the best, if not the best, hosts, emcees, and masters of ceremony around. We make events work, but not feel like work.

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    Who needs our professional hosts/emcees:

    Nonprofit organizations and schools  putting on a fundraisers, and needing them to stand out in the gala crowd.

    Businesses and corporations putting on conferences and large industry events and in need of a professional live host or team of co-hosts to engage and warm up your audience, deliver your message expertly, and ensure energy momentum throughout.

    Organizations and businesses who need something different or uniquely (and actually) entertaining for their next retreat or annual awards dinner.

    What the process looks like:

    • Book a free consultation

      Set up a time to talk with us on the phone or in person to tell us about your upcoming event, and see if we are the right team to deliver what you need.

    • Scoping and planning

      We will work together to draw up a scope of work agreement that outlines tasks and a production schedule for our part of your event. Then we meet as many times as the event calls for, drinking lots of coffee / tea / fizzy stuff together while we hash out details.

    • Greatness happens

      Your event is amazing, and you congratulate yourself for assembling the perfect team and getting the best possible event support! (Cue confetti)

    • Follow-up

      We meet one last time to learn everything possible from the event.

    "Occasionally I get to share a stage or advise on the brilliance that is Free Delivery. That brilliance comes in large part from the dynamic and hilarious co-hosting of B. Frayn Masters and Mindy Nettifee. They are smart, funny, wonderful script writers -important for emcee work for larger events of all sorts- and have the kind of performance energy that makes the audience (and the event client) feel safe in the way a water slide does: you’re not sure what is happening and it’s a bit scary, but the splash landing is fantastic. Hire them!!! ."Kate Sokoloff, Executive Producer of The OK Chorale, Founder of Live Wire! Radio