What we're about

One of the most powerful tools we have is personal storytelling. Freeing our voices, crafting our stories, and honing our delivery can dramatically enhance our personal and professional lives. It specifically improves our ability to:

• Create and enjoy welcoming, celebratory, encouraging spaces.
• Connect with others with different experiences and perspectives.
• Engage and teach in ways that are relatable and memorable.
• Deal with high levels of detail and complexity.
• Articulate our challenges and epiphanies.
• Develop vocationally and communicate our life’s work.
• Advocate meaningfully for change.
• Support each other on this messy human path.

Toward those ends, we offer one-on-one coaching and small group professional development workshops for anyone and any team looking to get free and deliver their greatness. We also slay at live event hosting.

How we get there

Our team of creative professionals dedicated to the craft of storytelling and meaning-making have combined expertise in:

• Live event and immersive experience production 
• The art and science of storytelling 
 • Creative writing and the expressive arts 
• Scripted and improvisational performance 
• Voice, breath and body work for performers 
• Audio recording, editing and scoring 
• Visual information design
 • Business identity and story 
•  Marketing and communications 
• Qualitative research methodologies 
•  Nonprofit fund development 
•  Interpersonal psychology and group dynamics
•  The neurobiology of creativity, language and expression 
•  Restoring the nervous system from overwhelm
•  The use of voice and story in trauma recovery 

Meet the founders & principals

Mindy Nettifee

is a seasoned creative writing, performance and event professional. She has curated literary events for the Smithsonian Project and the Getty Center; co-founded and directed the literary nonprofit Write Now; produced and coordinated fundraising events for more than a dozen nonprofits, including Habitat for Humanity and Youth, Rights & Justice; and has taught writing and performance for more than a decade at colleges, universities and community organizations across the United States, including NYU, Boston University, and Lewis & Clark. She is a Co-Producer for the Back Fence PDX series and host for The Moth in Portland, OR, where she also teaches the art and craft of storytelling and story production at Literary Arts.

Mindy holds a doctorate in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Somatic Studies. Her research documents the impact of trauma on voice and expression, as well as the role language and voice play trauma healing and integration. She brings to this work her back ground as a poet and performer who BUST Magazine has called  “the linguistic orgasm we’ve all been waiting for.” She is the author of three full-length collections of poetry and the Powell's Indie Press best-seller how-to on creative writing Glitter In The Blood. She also co-edited the anthology of poetry for teenage girls, Courage. Her newest book, Open Your Mouth Like a Bell is out on Write Bloody and can be found anywhere books are sold. You can find her work or see her perform by visiting thecultofmindy.com. Contact Mindy: mindy [at] freedelivery [dot] life.

B. Frayn Masters

decided at 5 that writing and performing was her thing. She convinced childhood kids to perform with her and held her first shows at the base of the railroad tie steps of the neighbors house and sold tickets out of that same (obvs. very supportive) neighbor lady’s red wagon. She is still is a performer, scriptwriter, storyteller and added making videos and doing voice over into the mix. She is the Creator, Executive Producer, and Host of the Back Fence PDX live storytelling series — and is also the PDX Producer for The Moth GrandSLAM. She was voted Best Storyteller/Spoken Word Artist for the 2015 Willamette Week’s Best Of issue. She is also a performer in and co-produces LOFI @ HIFI — a kick ass variety show with a regular cast/guests where all the proceeds go to a community non-profit — no railroad ties involved.

Masters was lucky enough to be a guest performer in w00stock 2.1, which starred the super funny Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, and Paul & Storm. Samples of her literary leanings can be found in City of Weird, Airplane Reading, MonkeyBicycle 6, Hobart, and Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney’s Book of Lists. Oh, and, fun fact she has read the screenplays for the first three Twilight movies about 30 times each because she got to write 500 multiple choice questions for each movie for an app. She puts most of the monies in her bank account as a voice over artist and as an animation and commercial scriptwriter. She swoons for good stories. Contact B. Frayn: b.frayn [at] freedelivery [dot] life.