Most workshops are a waste of time. Ours aren’t! We strike a different, more entertaining tone, because relaxed, engaged people are more open to learning. Plus we tailor the content to meet your exact needs and goals.

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    Free Delivery custom workshop services are for:

    Organizations and companies who need a sweet, un-boring workshop for their next in-house or adventure gathering. Your goals for this workshop might be:

    Gifting your employees with some next-level communication skills so that can more effectively build relationships and deliver excellence to your clients and customers.

    Support your employees who have to regularly speak at industry conference or to the general public with master workshops in presentation skills.

    Providing your team with a bonding experience that will increase their peace, love and understanding for each other and their work.

    Help your group through a time of upheaval and transition with a focus on getting unstuck from unhelpful narratives; inspired creative problem solving; and real-world conflict resolution skills.

    • Book a free consultation

      Set up a time to talk with us on the phone, or just email us, to let us know what kind of workshop you have in mind and what the time frame is.

    • We design the workshop

      We will work together to draw up a scope of work agreement, and then imagine and design a workshop tailored to meet your goals.

    • You provide feedback

      You'll have the chance to go over our masterminding and give it the extra polish, making any final suggestions and requests.

    • Enjoy!

      You get to watch the experience unfold in real time, see it meet and succeed expectations, and then pat yourself on the back for hiring the amazing Free Delivery team.

    "Mindy and Frayn are storytelling ninjas, weaving words and emotions into magic. As teachers, they help you find your own inner ninja, showing you how to braid your experiences into packages to share with friends and strangers. Their classes bring people together, help them lean on and learn from each other, and encourage all to stretch, reach, and tell!"Reed Cole, New Seasons