Mindy and Frayn are consultants with years of experience, are seriously fun to work with, and want to teach you the practices, tools, and secrets to successful expression and communication.

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    Free Delivery coaching and consultation services are for:

    Entrepreneurs  preparing for the work of pitching, selling and growing a sweet venture, or needing a professional story on hand.

    Anyone who does a lot of public speaking, but isn't 100% enjoying it, or is outright dreading it.

    All those wanting to be in wider demand for paid speaking opportunities.

    Artists who want to connect more fully to their audience, are preparing promote their work, or are incubating their next great project.

    Anyone preparing for or longing for a career transition, who needs support discovering and getting fully on the path of their true vocation.

    Those in careers in government, business or nonprofits tasked with communicating to employees, stake holders and the public.

    Anyone who knows that underdeveloped voicing, languaging and speaking skills have been holding them back from stepping into their power and potential.

    • Book a free consultation

      Set up a time to talk with us on the phone or in person, or just email a bunch, to let us know where you are at, and where you want to go.

    • Set some goals

      We will work together to draw up a scope of work agreement that always begins with a session to help you get clear and concrete about your goals.

    • Personal coaching sessions

      Meet one on one with your coach and get expert support to transform your mindset, your content and your delivery.

    • Go get 'em

      Start slaying. And come back any time you need for a tune up or some quick, reliable support.

    "Mindy is an excellent coach, simply exceptional. She prepared me and gave me enough confidence to tell my story at the Moth stage here in Portland leading me to win that night and to go on to compete in the Moth Grand Slam. I have since gone on to produce Singapore's first storytelling Grand Slam and till today use the same storytelling strategies shared in that Intro workshop. I cannot recommend her enough: Mindy is a warm, gentle and brilliant teacher, who asks hard and intuitive questions."Elina Lim, Founder of Story Slam Singapore